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Ben Needham search continues

    Image: RTE News By:Precious Nkikita   Items of “slight interest” have been found, including fabric, based on the case of a 21-month old boy who went missing July 21st,1991. On that day, Ben Needham was wearing a white and green shirt and black leather shoes.   South Yorkshire Police Officers, an archaeologist, and



Why No Hawkeye?

  Image: By Eoin Togher    It was the Women’s All-Ireland Final Day and there was a record crowd of 34,445 in attendance. It seemed as if the change campaign had finally worked and  that they were being treated fairly. It should have been a day of celebration, but instead, the post-match focus drew

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Cara Delevingne in Jake Schreier's Paper Towns.

Cara Delevingne on the Facebook Dislike Button

by Danielle Holian   Last September Mark Zuckerberg reported that Facebook would launch a ‘dislike’ button for people to ‘express empathy’.   Cara Delevingne feels the Facebook ‘dislike button’ will ‘trigger wave of bullying’.   She warned young people could suffer greatly with the negativity it may bring, fearing the concerns and consequences of the