1 in 10 Children Affected By Cyberbullying

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by Siobhan Mullin

A new research has shown that more than one in ten schoolchildren experience cyberbullying. The study conducted by Dublin City University has shown it’s at their highest in primary schools with 14% being targeted online, with 10% of post-primary school children affected. Children as young as 9 are being bullied from live online games.

A video has been released to help parents prevent or intervene in cases where a child is being bullied or is the bully.  Dr. O’Higgins Norman said parents should monitor their children while they’re online and get to know the use of social media platforms. 

“The whole idea of a digital divide is gone now; we know parents use the internet as much as their children do,” he said. “But they use different spaces online.”

“We would be advising parents to find out what spaces their children are using – and of course that changes on a month to month basis with all the new apps that come out every week.”

The research conducted comes just in time as tomorrow (February 7th) is Safer Internet Day.


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