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Galway’s Pocket Rocket

Galway’s Pocket Rocket

Image: Lucasz Langowski by Brian Donnellon     Sinead Keon will be one of Ireland’s entrants in this autumn’s World Dwarf Games in Canada, and she will be representing us in three different sports, shot put, javelin and table tennis, the latter of which she is the defending champ from the 2013 games. All of that is impressive

Ukraine’s Tax Chief Held Over 70 Million Graft Case

Image Source by Brian Donnellon Roman Nasirov, a highly controversial figure in Ukrainian government is in court in Kiev over a 70 million graft case, basically using his role as head of tax and customs agency to financially gain from it himself. This is considered a major movement by the Ukrainian people who have seen

Moylette Eases To Debut Win

Image Source  by Brian Donnellon      After a highly decorated amateur career (including becoming Ireland’s first gold medalist at the world youth amateur championships) that may not have lived up to early expectations, Ray Moylette, a Mayo native has made his pro debut in London by unanimously winning a four round decision against Slovakia’s Ivan Godor.

North Korea Fires Missiles Into Japanese Waters

Image Source by Brian Donnellon Like two male peacocks in a standoff, spreading their glorious wings and showing their beautiful designs to gain the affection of the female, Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un are showing off their armies and missiles in close quarters, fueling tensions between the nations and also having a ripple effect with

Sweden To Re-Introduce Military Conscription

Image Source by Brian Donnellon As of 2018, Sweden will re-introduce military conscript due to a lack of volunteers, to fill required roles and tension rising in the baltic region with heightened military activity. Sweden had disbanded compulsory service in 2010, but with increased security concerns it is felt that this is necessary to protect

GTI Ease To Victory

Image: Eoin Togher by Brian Donnellon and Shane Brennan After a slow start to the match, GTI put on a dazzling second half performance worthy of the victory as they pulled away to win 5-1 on the day. Poor weather conditions and a lack of early intensity allowed DCU to put pressure on and were