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Online passport renewal service to be launched today

Online passport renewal service to be launched today

By David Diskin   Today will see the launch of a new service which will allow Irish citizens to renew their passports online.   The service will only be available for adults renewing their passport documents, as children and first time applicants will have to go through the standard process.   It is good news

Trump administration to fight climate change using airborne chemicals

By David Diskin   Experts at Harvard university say ‘solar geo-engineering’ should be investigated, as a worldwide switch to renewable energy may take too long.   The plan to reflect sunlight via a ‘wall in the sky’ may win favor with the Trump administration as it offers a way to continue using fossil fuels while

PSNI officers targeted with bomb on day of Martin McGuinness’ passing

by David Diskin   PSNI officers were ‘lucky’ to survive explosion in late hours of Tuesday night.   The bomb blast occurred in Strabane, 12 miles from Derry, just hours after popular republican politicians Gerry Adams and others carried Martin McGuinness’ coffin through the Bogside area of Derry.   An explosive device believed to have

Halawa family unaware of Ibrahim’s location following prison move

  by David Diskin   The family of Ibraham Halawa says he has gone missing since being moved from his current prison in Egypt.   The Dublin man has been imprisoned in Cairo since taking part in an anti-Morsi (Egypt’s first democratically elected president) protest in 2013.   Ibraham’s sister Somaia said he was moved

Experts warn Salthill Prom on ‘last legs’

  by David Diskin Galway’s iconic promenade is at risk of coming to ruin if immediate repairs are not carried out, says Dr Eugene Farrell, a Geography lecturer at NUIG. While appearing at a talk entitled ‘Coastal Management Strategies in Galway; Present and Future Challenges, Will the City Drown?, Farrell stated that there are a

ISIS hackers take down Google…. or not

  by David Diskin   A group of hackers working on behalf of ISIS are boasting that they have successfully hacked Google, but it turns out they have targeted the wrong site altogether.   The ‘Cyber Caliphate Army’ announced their plan to attack Google on Monday, via messaging app Telegram.   “We promised to hack

Apple iPhone security case moves to Congress

  by David Diskin   The legal battle between Apple, the FBI and US DOJ over access to an iPhone involved in the San Bernardino shooting, has left the courts and is now moving to Congress.   Apple chief lawyer Bruce Sewell and FBI Director James Comey, appeared yesterday before the House Judiciary Committee for