Brexit Day

image credit: PA

By Eva Buckley

Today is the day article 50 is finally triggered and the United Kingdom will begin the process of leaving the European Union.


Today will mark a historic time in the U.K and the beginning of a two-year ‘divorce process’ from the EU. The actual split is due to happen sometime in April 2019.


During the two years there will be negotiations between the Prime Minister and other countries leaders to discuss trade deals.


Today in the House of Commons Theresa May will receive questions about the fate of Scotland and about a border on Northern Ireland. There are fears that Britain has entered the process with no plans and no agreements making future negotiations difficult.


A handwritten letter from May will be hand delivered to the European Council president Donald Tusk today which will mark the beginning of the United Kingdom leaving the EU.


After the news of the letter being received to Tusk,  May took the stand and spoke about the future of Britain in the coming years. May described the day as ‘…A historic moment of which there is no turning back from.’ She also spoke of her hopes to ‘…build a stronger fairer Britain…’

Tusk released his own statement saying that today is not a happy day for Europe or London. At a press conference he said “There is nothing to win in this process,” “And I am talking about both sides. This is about damage control.”


He ended his statement by adding “We already miss you.”   

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