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Interview with Popular Youtube creator ‘It’s Black Friday’

Interview with Popular Youtube creator ‘It’s Black Friday’

By Eva Buckley   The New-Zealand YouTube star Freyja NicLeòid has been making videos for quite some time now and has gained many fans because of her style and personality. People watch her videos to see what it’s like living life as a Goth by following her on her travels, seeing how she does her

Bob Dylan to finally collect Nobel Prize

image: http://www.esquire.com/ By Dylan Goodman The Swedish Academy have announced that Bob Dylan will finally be collecting his Nobel prize for Literature in Stockholm this weekend. The Academy said it would meet Dylan in private in the Swedish capital, where the legendary singer-songwriter is performing 2 concerts.   Dylan, 75, was awarded the Nobel prize in

Drake Brings Nicki On Stage In Paris

Image Source by Lelia Connolly   Drake is currently on his world tour, #BoyMeetsWorldTour , and last night he brought out Nicki Minaj on stage. Nicki teased fans by posting pictures on Instagram, which got fans thinking she would appear at his concert. They released a single on Friday called “No Frauds” , it also

Nicki Minaj Releases 3 New Tracks

Image Source: by Lelia Connolly The wait is finally over, Nicki Minaj is back. Nicki has just released three brand new tracks, “Regret In Your Tears” , “Changed It” ft Lil Wayne and “No Frauds” ft Drake & Lil Wayne. The songs are on iTunes but can also be streamed on Tidal, Apple Music and

Barbie Turns 58 Today

Image Source by Precious Nkikita  58 years ago today, Ruth Handler created Barbie and introduced her to American International Toy Fair. “In 2014, a Barbie doll was purchased every three seconds somewhere in the 150 countries where they are sold. And at 58, and after decades of being criticized for gender stereotyping, the lithe blonde

Feminism Amongst Feminine Beauty?

Image Source by Ciara Mannion During my first week in Galway, I spent most of my time in the library. Row after row of neatly lined up books with their spines facing outward, I began to search for inspiration for the new year. I remember picking up an old aged book. It smelled warm and dusty,