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Interview with Keith Finnegan

Interview with Keith Finnegan

Image Source  by Shane Brennan Keith Finnegan is the CEO of Galway Bay FM, which is based on Sandy Rd. He started working at the station the first week it opened. I interviewed him about his hugely successful career to date. Keith has always had a keen interest in radio and as a child, he


The Black Moon on September 30th

    Image:http://news.nationalgeographic.com By Lelia Connolly Sky watchers in the Western Hemisphere who have had a long fascination with lunar events will be happy to know that on September 30th there will be another event known as a “black moon”. With the rise of the internet, all kinds of lunar events and moon moments have


Raid on GTI

photo credit: Donall MacAodh By Evan Murphy   A group of educationists led by Zilinsky Kraj of the Czech Republic and involving Ireland, the UK, Netherlands and Turkey will be visiting GTI as part of the STEM Engagement Europe Project( or the SEE).   Engaging with Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics has been seen as

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Ireland’s ‘Fittest Family’ forced to sell 1,000 prized dairy cows

by Sarah Stevens An injunction has been granted by the High Court preventing anyone from interfering with the auction of 1,000 prized dairy cows belonging to Cork dairy farmers, the Kingstons, who were the winners of RTÉ’s Ireland’s Fittest Family programme. The auction, which was ordered on a charge in relation to a debt associated with


Interview With Mikaela Bonner

  by Danielle Holian How does it feel to bag the Number One spot on the iTunes country music chart? “It was amazing like I couldn’t believe what happened. I wasn’t expecting it. I was hoping for top ten, maybe if I could have, but for it to go in at number one was just phenomenal.”