Cavan Man attempting record for longest journey reversing a tractor and trailer

By Dylan Goodman


We’ve all heard one about a Cavan man. The Cavan man with a fork in his sugar bowl. The Cavan men who invented copper wire while fighting over a penny.


Have you heard the one about the Cavan man who’s attempting to set a new record for the longest distance reversing a tractor and trailer? That’s what one Cavan man is doing this Wednesday from 10am to 1pm.


The distance to beat is 17.5km, a record set by Kerry footballer Eamonn Hickson. Eamonn said the idea came to him while working on a farm in New Zealand. He reversed his Massey Ferguson 6490 and Scully Steel trailer from Dingle to Anascaul in 2014.


Although Hickson from Kerry was the first to attempt this record, Guinness World Records set a minimum distance of 15km. The mysterious Cavan man is attempting a distance of 21km, along the N3 from Virginia to Poles, just outside Cavan town. Coincidentally, another Cavan man holds another very Irish record, Vincent Pilkington, who plucked a turkey in one minute 30 seconds in 1980.


The event will be filmed by RTE for Big Week On The Farm, and AA Roadwatch have said to expect delays.

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