Department of Education To Revamp DEIS Programme

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by Ella Burke

The Department of Education has been planning different many changes to the way funding aimed at combating disadvantages in schools across the country.  

110 primary and post-primary schools are expected to get additional resources as a result of the department finding new a way of identifying schools in need.

The current programme known as DEIS, was established 12 years ago and now the new system is set to begin in September. Under the previous scheme, more than 800 schools get additional funding, teachers and other supports to help address the effects of deprivation within the schools.

Studies have shown improved educational outcomes in DEIS schools in the last couple of years however no new schools have been admitted to the scheme since 2009.

From September, an additional 80 schools are set to join the programme. Thirty schools that are currently in the DEIS programme will also be granted additional supports due to their deprivation levels being found a lot greater than before.

The Department of Education has stated that no schools currently in the DEIS programme will lose any of their supports during the year.  

The new system will be taking different factors into account such as school size, the presence of groups of Traveller children and groups of pupils who are not fluent in English.

The proposed system will assess all schools, both primary and secondary, on the new framework.

DEIS schools also have a greater access to physiological and behavioural supports, meal schemes and initiatives to promote attendance as well as the extra funding and more teachers.

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