Frankfort Riots at New ECB HQ

by Thomas Ward

Close to the new Frankfort HQ for the European Central Bank, police cars were set alight and stones were thrown in protest. Dozens have reportedly been injured in the rioting, while approximately 350 people are said to have been arrested.

Before the ECB building even officially opened, violence erupted near the Alte Oper concert hall in Frankfort. There were set to be thousands of “Blockupy” activists voicing their opposition against the part played by the ECB in austerity measures in EU member states.

Police put in place a perimeter of barbed wire around the ECB’s new skyscraper HQ, while activists set fire to police cars, tires and bins

The Blockupy activists said many of their protesters (who were described as “an alliance of left wing activists from across Germany and Europe”) had been injured from police batons and pepper spray. The police, meanwhile, also reported their officers suffering assaults from pepper spray or some acidic substance.

Thomas Ward

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