Gay Acceptance in Straight Establishment

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By David Hawthorne

Nightlife in Galway is a big thing for students today, some would say more so than study;  as a student myself I have to point out I do quite enjoy an active social life. Whether it is in a pub, club, cinema or movie night at friends houses,  interacting with people is an essential aspect of my life.

Today in Galway some clubs have reputations for certain crowds, a sort of stereotypical clique associated in general with each club;  from Club K, Central Park (CP’s), Coyote or Dignity each has its own niche market.  As a member of the Galway Gay community or ‘Scene’ as it is referred to , I am aware that there are a lot of places where  some LGBT members feel uncomfortable; there has been a history of staff in venues worldwide being homophobic towards members of the LGBT community if they are stereotypically obvious. I must say that when it comes to nightlife in Galway and staff in a majority of venues I have come across more  accepting and understanding people.

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Club K have been very polite and friendly to myself and a number of members of the ‘scene’ in their establishment and the security staff have been seen to go above and beyond the ‘call of duty’ to make us feel safe and comfortable;  let’s face it though,  a few of the 2 for €5 cocktails and I wouldn’t know there was trouble near me!

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Coyotes is another example of this:  we were  not just made to feel comfortable but the staff even made us feel quite important in general. Their  €2 drink offers on a Wednesday is definetly not something I would turn away from in a recession and to be served as fast as any other patron is nice,  as I personally have been laughed at by staff and ignored in venues with a status equal to Coyotes and Club K. As I work in Dignity helping out from time to time for experience in night-club work,  I get asked where would I choose to socialise on my nights off.  Now the Roisin Dubh is an obvious choice for most people, as it has a reputation as an alternative bar that most people can feel comfortable in, but as far as nightclubs go, I have recently been very impressed with both Club K and Coyotes.