GTI Gazette 2017: Thank You!

As the 2016/2017 term wraps up, so do does this generation of GTI Gazette journalists. We’ve published some great content on the Gazette since September, written by my talented fellow Digital Media students. What a year we chose to study the subject– Britain beginning its exit of the EU, the deaths of numerous beloved public figures, political scandal and shifting dynamics here in Ireland and – of course – the election of a new US president. We were certainly never short of news to report!

A special mention to my co-editor Eoin for his superb work publishing everybody’s articles. To our group of journalists: Aodán, Brian, Lelia, Ella, Siobhan, Precious, Shane, Ollie, Aine, Ciara, Sammy, Jake, Jolene, Jonathan, Darren, Lauren and Dave. And a very special thanks to Mary, who assisted, aided and educated us every day.

Finally, we’d like to thank YOU for reading what we’ve written, and wish the best of luck to the 2017/2018 Digital Media students, who I’m sure will publish some great material on the GTI Gazette.

Lucien Waugh-Daly

Lucien is the editor of and co-host of Flirt FM's Monday Music Library and The 99% Podcast.

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