GTI Fashion Students At The Museum

by Helen Garvey

Some of the  GTI Fashion Design students went to Dublin to visit National Museum.


Student Testimonial by Gemma O’Grady

We visited the National Museum of Ireland- Decorative Arts and History. It was such a vast space and free of charge but we focused on the costume side of things and entered the “the way we wore” floor. It consisted mainly of garments from the 1800s to early 1900s, but all worn and made in Ireland. Of course, there were a lot of corsets to be seen and it was very evident how small people were back then. The clothing was very tiny and there were many wedding gowns on show from the mid-1800s down to the little detail of gloves they wore. As we went along we could see that the corsets were no longer worn and towards the turn of the 20th century, tunics and free flowing gowns were the choices at hand.

We also attended an exhibition of famous designer IB Jorgensen. Here all the models were much bigger and more realistic to size than the previous collection. His main pieces of work were made during the 1980’s, so a lot of shoulder pads gowns full of beading and gowns made especially for royalty and famous people. He is English born but lived in Ireland so there were pieces made for Dr. Hillery’s wife and those of the wealthy. It was a great place to pop into. It only took an hour and we only touched on a small section of the museum. From there we popped into Dublin city to go fabric shopping, happy that we gave the museum a go!

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