GTI Open Day – Poise Salon

by Lelia Connolly

The Open Day for GTI is on tomorrow, March 7th. The Poise Salon upstairs in GTI has a great range of beauty treatments on throughout the day. They will have a rep in explaining all the products they use, including the skincare range Dermalogica and the makeup brand ARTDECO. There will be free samples available also. Teacher Judith Madden said that while she’s explaining the details and work involved with the course there will be file and polishes and complimentary makeup available for the visitors.

The students were very enthusiastic when asked what they loved most about this course. The Majority of the class were getting waxed at this point. Student Laura Fallon said: “My favourite part are the massages”. She also said: “the course is hard work, but worth it if you love what you do”.

Kate O’Connor also currently a student said: “The reason things run so smoothly and why everyone enjoyed the course so much was because of Judith” She keeps them on track.

The Salon is also open Fridays to the public 9 am – 1 pm. They have amazing offers so be sure to check them out or call them on 085 7324627.

GTI open day is on from 10 am – 4 pm

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