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Episode 1: Steven Sharpe, Moody

Steven Sharpe is taking the music industry by storm. The musician who was was recently crowned the Galway Solo Artist of the Year 2014 by the Galway Advertiser, preforms many songs including ‘Moody’ and ‘Uganda’.

Steven recently preformed his song ‘Moody’  for the GTI Sessions, When asked about the song, he said that it was wrote about his guitarist Dylan ‘’He’s insanely talented but very very shy and yeah, it’s just written about my frustration with him just kind of always moaning about like ‘oh I don’t know what to do with my life and I don’t know if I want to be a musician or be a teacher’ and it was like ugh shut up! You’re class at guitar, you’re deadly, you’re sound, do music, you’re awesome at it, stop moaning.’’ he laughed………….READ MORE

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Episode 2: Wayne Wilder: The Devil that Lives in the Woods

Wayne, has been playing music in Galway for the last four years, formerly as a founding member of the band Atlantic Pirates. He cut his musical teeth playing popular folk songs made famous by such bands as the Dubliners, and the Clancy Brothers, however not satisfied with just playing one style of music a stronger calling brought him to the Blues and his own original music.

The result being a mix of original folk/blues/rock/funk that blends nicely from his many,many influences. All sung with his deep gravely textured voice that is nothing less……..READ MORE

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Episode 3: Bianco Sporco: ‘Un Uomo Come Me’

As a band, ‘The Harp, the Accordion and the Ugly’ have it all- the musicianship, the diversity, a viral video- the way in which they bring soundtracks to life has caught the attention of many. Four of its members took a side step to take part in a much smaller affair, ‘Bianco Sporco’ packs a punch just as powerful. Here’s what accordion player Luca Verga had to say. The band originally formed in Italy four years ago, but upon moving to Ireland Verga reformed the band and it has been playing as it is for the past two years. “We were in the street, we have been friends for a long time and it happened that we are all musicians so we started to play together.” The magic took place from there……..READ MORE 

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Episode 4: Rivers and Crows ‘The Ocean

Rivers and Crows are an authentic Galway-based original folk band that was founded in May 2012 by Emma Lohan and Stephanie Swaton. They began as a duo but quickly grew when members Eoghan McGinley, Mossey Byrnes and Beibhinn O’Connor joined.

Emma who plays guitar, accordion, bell and vocals, sat down with me before recording their song for the GTI Sessions.

Emma has grown up with music all her life, her father is also a guitar player. He said to her “ The softer you sing, the more people will listen.” With her soft memorable voice it seems…..READ MORE 

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Episode 5- Coming Soon 

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