Interview with Jørgen Litske Petersen

By Eva Buckley


Jørgen Litske Petersen is the Deputy Chief Executive of the municipality of Aalborg in Denmark. He is head of the Economic department in Aalborg. Petersen was here at GTI with 11 other people from Aalborg Mayor’s office. They are here visiting Aalborg’s twin city Galway to experience the culture and to visit schools and colleges.


Aalborg and Galway have been twin cities since 1997.

Town twinning is agreed by the two cities councils. It involves cultural, educational and an exchange of common interests between communities in different countries.

I met with one of the members to discuss the twin cities programme.


Tell us about why you are here?


“Group of 12 persons from the Mayor’s department we are making a historical trip to Galway

We arrived yesterday Wednesday afternoon we have two fulls days in Galway our twin city.

We are working together with cities across borders. Galway city and Aalburg City have worked together for 20 years now since 1997.”

Two young people from my office work for three months at the city hall in Galway.

We are here to hear about the schools and the institute.


Why are Galway and Aalborg twin cities?


We don’t know exactly why we are twin cities because it happened 20 years ago. our mayors signed an agreement but I was new in my job at that time and I don’t remember who made the connection it could be companies sports organisations it could be culture


Do you think the link was formed because Aalborg and Galway are alike?


“Yes Aalborg is one of the biggest cities in Denmark and Galway is one of the biggest cities in Ireland. Aalborg has several twin cities but Galway is the best, Galway is the closest twin city.

Dains and Irish people are very much alike: same sense of humour and same problems.

In many ways we are alike but we can learn a lot from each other”


Is there many further education colleges in Aalborg?


“A Lot of further education colleges in Aalborg, like Aalborg Galway is a city with lots of young people”

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