Open Day- Art, Design and Portfolio Preparation

by Ella Burke

I interviewed Ellen Francis, an Art, Design and Portfolio Preparation student here in GTI. For tomorrow open day, Ellen will be showcasing her art portfolio. This portfolio is the main focus piece of work that she and the other students on her course have dedicated most of their time to throughout the whole year. She will be, like her fellow classmates, showing her designs and years work and talking through her ideas with the students who will be attending the open day.

Ellens interest in art and design has been present from a young age. From as far back as she can remember she has always enjoyed drawing and painting and has always been encouraged by her parents to be “very creative about everything in life”.

For those who may have an interest in this area, Ellen states that her favourite aspect about the course is that she “enjoys the freedom that you have on all mediums of art- studying painting, sculpture and graphic design”.

This differs from other courses as she finds getting to taste the different aspects of art and design helps to expand her creativity.

She recommends this course as she thinks it is a great “stepping stone”  to progress further into the world of art and design if one has an interest in this sector. It is an ideal progression route for a young artist as she says it is easier to discover which area of art and design you are more passionate about. She added- “The teachers are very helpful in helping you to choose a pathway that suits you”.

Next year, Ellen plans to study Design in GMIT here in Galway and hopes to specialise in Graphic Design as the course progresses. In future, she hopes to someday open up a Graphic Design studio of her own.

GTI Open day takes place tomorrow (March 7th 2017) from 10 am to 4 pm.

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