Paper Rich Press Release

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Friday, *July 6th, @ 8pm*
*Large Acoustic Room, Áras na Mac Léinn, NUI Galway*
*”Paper Rich”*

A bankrupt solicitor’s final chance for salvation.

Thomas Glynn was once a top solicitor with a thriving practice in Galway.
In the midst of the Celtic Tiger, Glynn was seduced into the property
development frenzy. Success followed success, and Glynn on paper became
richer than he could have ever dreamed. Abruptly in 2008, the property
market collapsed in Ireland and Glynn’s sprawling empire crumbled . The
fragile pillars supporting Glynn’s financial colossus cracked under the
strain. Overnight, he lost his business, his wife and children along with
all the trappings of life which had become customary.
One cold morning, Glynn leaves his small apartment in the city and drives
to a nearby lake, where he intends to escape his problems permanently with
the help of his hunting rifle.
However, there is one last chance for Glynn to save his life, his respect
and perhaps retrieve his family. He stumbles upon a ‘tiger kidnap’ where a
local bank manager is taken hostage and forced to withdraw cash. Glynn
resorts to a childlike desperation and with the takings embarks on a tense
cross-country journey to Dublin Airport.
On his journey, Glynn encounters reminders from his past and looks ahead to
an uncertain future.
Michael Kinsella (The Bill, Mobs America, Mobs Canada TG4) stars as Thomas
Glynn in a tense parody of the past thirty years in Ireland. The movie is
directed by Martin Keaveney (Souvenir, Synchronicity).
PAPER RICH is a co-production of Salt Hill Pictures and Galway Technical

Running Time: 80 minutes
Rated: 18
Free admission (donations)