Riots in Ferguson as police officer is cleared of murder charges.

by Thomas Ward

Darren Wilson, the police officer responsible for the killing of Michael Brown, has been cleared of murder

Photograph by Jason Morrison

Photograph by Jason Morrison

charges. The aftermath of this was a night of riots worse than those that took place after in the initial shooting in August. The local community has called for Wilson’s arrest for murder, so it is no surprise that such violence has erupted following news of the officer’s release.

Obama himself spoke on the matter, alongside Brown’s family, appealing for a peaceful end to the riots, and asking that America’s citizens accept the fact that the verdict was the grand jury’s to pass.

St. Louis chief of police, Jon Belmar, explained that 150 shots were fired by rioters. Forces policing the region used pepper spray to control rioters. Although heavily armed, they claim not to have used their firearms at any point.

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