Security Students Visit Leinster House

by Catherine Brennan-Fahy

As part of college awareness week, GTI’s Security Studies class visited Leinster House.

The students study how laws are made by government as part of their Legal Practice and Procedures module. The visit included viewing of Leaders Questions.

At this, Taoiseach Enda Kenny had to answer questions on topics such as water charges (from Gerry Adams, Sinn Fein) and Overcrowding in UCG Hospital (Catherine Connolly, Independent) and delay in appointments of new judges and members of public boards (Michael Martin, Fianna Fail). It gave students a better understanding of the many issues government TD’s must deal with. The students also were given a tour of Leinster House and received information on the history of the house and the various Taoisigh.

A visit to the Seanad Chambers also gave a lively debate between senator David Norris and others on foreign affairs matters. Finally, refreshments were given in the Dáil Visitors bar (tea/coffee/water)

Thanks to Catherine Connolly TD and her parliamentary assistant Beibhinn O’Connor for organising the visit.

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