A Shape Of Water Star Enjoyed The Oscars From A Pub

By Gemma Collins

The Oscars’ is the night when all of Hollywood get their glad rags on and hit the town.  Usually when an actor takes part in an Oscar nominated film they attend the ceremony. Not if your Michael Shannon.

Shannon is part of the fantastic film ‘Shape of Water’, the film took home the most awards on the night. It won Best Director, Best Picture, Best Production Design and Best Original Score. Michael watched it all from a bar in Chicago.

The owner of the bar, Bruce Elliot, posted on twitter a picture of Michael watching the awards with a beer in his hand. The tweet said “Michael Shannon watching the film he starred in, “Shape of Water”, win best picture while sitting in the Old Town Ale House. No sound on the TV, just sub-titles. Of course the juke box was rocking, and the beer flowing. Where else would you want to spend Oscar night?”

Shannon was unable to attend the Academy Awards as he was directing a production of Brett Neveu’s Traitor at A Red Orchid Theatre which closed Sunday night.



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