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Portwest Moving To Australia

Portwest Moving To Australia

Image Source by Ciara Mannion The Mayo-based firm Portwest, has acquired an Australian company Prime Mover Workwear for more than $7.5 million. Prime Mover Workwear is a Melbourne based company that was set up in 2004. Port west states the purchase gives an opportunity into the New Zealand and Australian markets. The Hugh Group- led

Australian Catholic Priests Accused Of Abuse

Image Source by Ella Burke Seven percent of catholic priests have been accused of sexually abusing children between the years of 1950 to 2010. The statistics were released when the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse heard that 4,444 alleged pedophilia incidents were reported to the church authorities at over 1,000 catholic churches

McDonald’s vs Supermac’s: The War Continues

Image Source Fast-food chain McDonald’s are accusing Supermac’s of seeking to take unfair advantage of the US company’s worldwide brand. It’s a war of the Snackbox versus the Big Mac. The global fast-food chain is currently involved in a trademark battle with Pat McDonagh’s business, after Supermac’s revealed its plan to expand into Europe. Early

Flight MH370 Search Efforts Raised

Image: Telegraph/Reuters by Samantha Scanlan Malaysian flight MH370, which disappeared on March 8th 2014 while flying from Kuala Lumpur airport, has become the biggest known aviation disappearance in history, with its search eating into millions of dollars in an attempt to locate the missing passenger plane. A ship involved in the search for the missing

Fiji Islands begin to receive aid after cyclone

image: Save The Children/Nichola Krey   by Dylan Goodman   Substantial amounts of aid have begun to reach the outermost islands of Fiji. The Fijian government and several aid and charity agencies are supporting the Islanders. Agencies including UNICEF, International Red Cross, Care Australia and Save The Children are supplying the most remote and heavily damaged

Eye Contact Experiment on on Shop Street

by Dylan Goodman On Thursday, the 15th of October, from 5-7pm, the “World’s Biggest Eye Contact Experiment” came to Galway.   A simple idea, started by global group “The Liberators International” and spread via Facebook, the goal of this experiment is to maintain eye contact with a stranger for one minute, in order to “Rebuild our

Hundreds of koalas killed in Australia

Around 700 koalas were killed by Australian authorities as a result of ‘koala over-population’ The Koalas were euthanized near the Cape Otway due to poor living conditions that led to the starvation of many. According to the authorities, euthanizing these poor little creatures was the right thing to do. Desley Whisson, an australian biologist at

Irish man wakes from coma

by Sarah Rowntree The Irish man who was left in a coma after a single punch from his brother during a disagreement in Sydney, Australia has been released from hospital. Patrick Lyttle smiled as he walked out the hospital doors along side his mother, father, his girlfriend and brother Barry, showing there is no hard feelings