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Syria Demolition

Syria Demolition

By Brian Donnellon In a time where children are being pulled from  Syrian rubble nearly, if not every day, and cities once on the rise to stability have been reduced to rubble by airstrikes from multiple nations to stop the rise of the Islamic state, the ‘real battle’ is being fought between countries’ leaders that

IS claim responsibility for recent Syria bombings

by David Diskin   Islamic State has claimed responsibility for a series of bombings yesterday in Syria.   At least 140 people have been killed, with 200 injured as a result of car bombs and suicide bombers throughout Damascus and Homs.   Islamic State claim that two IS fighters set off a car bomb ‘packed

Boston Marathon Bomber Dead, One “At Large”

by Martin Donohoe [This story is developing. Last update: 12:28 UTC] Police in Boston have killed one of the two men believed to have been the proprietors of Monday’s Boston Marathon bombings, which left 3 people dead and 183 people injured. In what is being described as “a violent standoff”, Boston police killed the suspect

Boston Marathon 2013 Bombings

by Martin Donohoe Two explosions have caused destruction in Boston, Massachusetts; with at least 144 people injured and 3 people dead. The explosions occurred on Boylston Street, near Copley Square, during the final stages of the Boston Marathon on Monday, 15 April. The marathon winners had crossed the finish line two hours prior to the