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North Korea Fires Missiles Into Japanese Waters

North Korea Fires Missiles Into Japanese Waters

Image Source by Brian Donnellon Like two male peacocks in a standoff, spreading their glorious wings and showing their beautiful designs to gain the affection of the female, Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un are showing off their armies and missiles in close quarters, fueling tensions between the nations and also having a ripple effect with

Netflix now available everywhere, except China

by Evan Murphy   The hugely popular streaming service Netflix is now available in over 190 countries worldwide, but not China!   Co-founder and CEO Reed Hastings announced at CES in Las Vegas yesterday(6th January), that the streaming service was now live in an additional 130 countries but remains unavailable in the world’s second-largest economy.

China making a Large Hadron Collider

    by Dylan Goodman In 2020, China will begin work on a particle collider, twice the size of Cern’s Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland. Wang Yifang, the director of the Institute of High Energy Physics at the China Academy of Sciences, told the China Daily that the final concept design for the collider is due

Michael D Higgins starts week long visit in China

by Emma Concannon President Michael D Higgins, along with his wife Sabrina, Minister for Foreign Affairs Charlie Flanagan and Finance Minister Michael Noonan, landed in Beijing on Sunday to start their week long state visit to China. Mr. Higgins is set to meet Chinese president Xi Jinping for an official bilateral meeting where he’ll also be meeting

Chinese doctor sentenced to death

by Sarah McNabb   A female doctor in China has been sentenced to death after she admitted to stealing and selling seven babies to human traffickers. Zhang Shuxia, was working as a doctor at the Fuping Maternal and Child Healthcare Hospital in the Shaanxi Province. She persuaded parents to give up their infants by telling