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Fiorentina Captain Davide Astori Found Dead In Hotel Room

Fiorentina Captain Davide Astori Found Dead In Hotel Room

By Martin Mongan Davide Astori, a 31-year-old centre-half player from Italy was found dead in his hotel room on March 4th,  hours before Fiorentina’s bout against Udinese. The Italian FA decided to postpone the seven Serie A games that were scheduled to be played on Sunday as a mark of respect. Astori was the Fiorentina captain and

Terrorist Attack in London

Image source: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/westminster-bridge-attack-latest-woman-pulled-out-of-water-london-terror-incident-a7644341.html   By Dylan Goodman Four people have died and 40 injured in a terrorist attack on Westminster Bridge in London city centre. Reports say a single attacker drove a car along the pavement at approximately 2.40pm, most of the way across Westminster Bridge, before crashing into the railings outside the Houses of Parliament.

Citizens Concerned About Galway Surgeon

Image Source by Aine Guerin Rice Two of four patients whose treatment caused serious concerns have died at Galway University Hospital. At the time of their operations, they were both suffering a terminal illness. The report states that the surgical intervention may have shortened their life expectancy and extended their deaths, but it did not

Kim Jong-Un’s Brother Dies

Image Source by Aine Guerin Rice North Korean ruler Kim Jong-un’s half-brother Kim Jong Nam died within 20 minutes from banned chemical weapon VX nerve agent. The dose was so high that he showed symptoms within minutes, according to Health Minister Subramaniam Sathasivam. Mr.Kim died while in an ambulance on his way to the airport

Iranian billionaire sentenced to death

By Sarah Stevens   Iran’s billionaire, Babak Zanjani has been sentenced to death due to corruption. He has been accused of pocketing 2.8 billion. Babak found ways to channel hard currency from oil sales to Tehran despite financial sanctions, during the era of president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.   41-year-old Zanjani has been convicted of fraud and

Well-known dissident republican killed in Dublin shooting

image: thejournal.ie   by David Diskin   Vincent Ryan, a well-known dissident republican has died following a shooting in Finglas, Dublin.   The incident occurred on McKee Road at around 3:15pm, while Mr Ryan was sitting in his car, a white Volkswagen Golf.   Reports say a grey or silver Volkswagen Golf approached the car

Omagh bombing charges dropped

image: irishamerica.com by David Diskin   Charges against Seamus Daly, accused of murdering 29 people in the 1998 Omagh bombing, have been dropped.   Daly, 45, had been on remand in prison since being charged with the bombing in April 2014.   Daly, who has always denied his involvement in the bombing, was one of

Mummified man found on abandoned yacht

image: Barobo police   by Dylan Goodman   The mummified body of a German man has been found on board a yacht, drifting in the Philippine sea. The man, Manfred Fritz Bajorat (59), had been travelling the North Pacific Ocean alone, and had not been seen since 2009.   His yacht, named “Sajo” was discovered