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Brexit Day

image credit: PA By Eva Buckley Today is the day article 50 is finally triggered and the United Kingdom will begin the process of leaving the European Union.   Today will mark a historic time in the U.K and the beginning of a two-year ‘divorce process’ from the EU. The actual split is due to

McDonald’s vs Supermac’s: The War Continues

Image Source Fast-food chain McDonald’s are accusing Supermac’s of seeking to take unfair advantage of the US company’s worldwide brand. It’s a war of the Snackbox versus the Big Mac. The global fast-food chain is currently involved in a trademark battle with Pat McDonagh’s business, after Supermac’s revealed its plan to expand into Europe. Early

EU amidst talks to raise age of consent for online services

  by David Diskin The European Union is set to vote on the implementation of proposed legislation, which would see the age of consent for the use of online services such as social media and email, rise from age 13 to 16.  The proposed law is part of an overhaul of data protection legislation which has

Government Confident Irish Water Will Pass EU Tests

Government sources are “confident” that Irish Water will pass European market tests. The European Commission has recently expressed serious doubts over the utility’s funding model. The European Commision stated that “Ireland faces a significant fiscal risk if Irish Water’s borrowing cannot be taken off the Government books” in a report that is to be published

Galway Councillers have no say in bypass construction

by Oisin O’Mahony Elected Councillers are to have no say in the construction of a new bypass around Galway. The decision, which involves demolishing up to 130 homes and potentially stopping the Galway Races for two years, will be decided by the executive of the City and County Councils, the National Roads Authority and will be adjudicated by the EU.

by Keith Faherty Irish people will be able to go abroad within the European Union by using a new Irish passport card from the start of July. The passport card will last up to five years and will cost €35. Information on the card will include name, date of birth and passport number. Minister for

Ukraine agree formation of National Guard

by Paraic Malone With Crimea’s imminent referendum on whether or not to join Russia due to take place on Sunday, the Ukrainian parliament has voted unanimously to boost their country’s defense forces by assembling the National Guard. Ukraine, along with the EU and UN, have called for the Crimeans to call off the referendum, citing that

Cameron headhunts Kenny for top EU post

by Stephen Keegan Speculation around Enda Kenny’s prospects of a top EU role continues to grow today as the Irish Independent claims that An Taoiseach is David Cameron’s preferred choice at the helm. Mr. Cameron joins Angela Merkel amongst the top EU leaders believed to have Kenny on their shortlist. The Independent reported today that Mr