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Terrorist Attack in London

Terrorist Attack in London

Image source: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/westminster-bridge-attack-latest-woman-pulled-out-of-water-london-terror-incident-a7644341.html   By Dylan Goodman Four people have died and 40 injured in a terrorist attack on Westminster Bridge in London city centre. Reports say a single attacker drove a car along the pavement at approximately 2.40pm, most of the way across Westminster Bridge, before crashing into the railings outside the Houses of Parliament.

Spanish Police seize 20,000 Jihadist uniforms

image: npr.org by Evan Murphy   Police in Spain have seized 20,000 military uniforms meant for Islamic State and al Nusra fighters, “enough to equip an entire army,” they claim   The uniforms were discovered in the ports of Valencia and Alicante, inside shipping containers, as authorities thwarted a potential smuggling operation.   A Police

ISIS hackers take down Google…. or not

  by David Diskin   A group of hackers working on behalf of ISIS are boasting that they have successfully hacked Google, but it turns out they have targeted the wrong site altogether.   The ‘Cyber Caliphate Army’ announced their plan to attack Google on Monday, via messaging app Telegram.   “We promised to hack

IS branch leader captured by Libyan militia

image: wikimedia.org   by David Diskin   Libyan militia loyal to the Israeli-backed Tripoli government claims to have captured the leader of an ‘Islamic State’ branch in the western city of Sabratha, which was bombed by U.S forces last week.   The Special Deterrent Forces announced via Facebook that they had arrested Sabratha’s IS leader Mohammed

IS claim responsibility for recent Syria bombings

by David Diskin   Islamic State has claimed responsibility for a series of bombings yesterday in Syria.   At least 140 people have been killed, with 200 injured as a result of car bombs and suicide bombers throughout Damascus and Homs.   Islamic State claim that two IS fighters set off a car bomb ‘packed

UK Lawmakers Debate Banning Donald Trump

by Dylan Goodman   http://static4.businessinsider.com/image/559e9efe6bb3f72c54679458/donald-trump-has-surged-to-the-top-of-2-new-2016-polls.jpg   UK lawmakers have been considering whether to ban Donald Trump from Britain. The presidential candidate has talked about possibly banning Muslims from the USA, causing so much outrage that a petition with 570,000 signatures has made it’s way to the lawmakers in Britain. The petition calls for him to

Anonymous needs YOU!!

by Dylan Conroy Since declaring war on the self-styled Islamic state after the devastating Paris attacks, the hacker group known as ‘Anonymous’ has put up online tutorial like posts on how to hack into IS recruitment websites and other social media platforms IS use. They’re calling this ‘Operation Paris’ and it involves getting as many

Belgians tweet cat pictures during lockdown

By Sarah Stevens   Major anti-terror raids were carried out across Belgium last night(23rd November) by the Police, as Brussels remains on high alert of a possible terrorist attack. The Belgian public were asked not to report on the position or police officers movement online, as it may help those that were targeted by the

Donald Trump speaks about Paris attacks

by Dylan Goodman Rich man and presidential candidate Donald Trump has spoken regarding the attacks that devastated Paris. The Republican claimed that the situation would have been “much, much different” if the Parisians had been allowed to carry guns. “Nobody had guns but the bad guys”, he said at a recent rally in Texas, insinuating throughout

Iraqi Army Launches Attacks on ISIS

by Oisin O’Mahony Iraqi forces backed by Sunni and Shi’ite militia’s have launched attacks on ISIS in an effort to reclaim Saddam Hussein’s home town of Tikrit. Islamic State fighters control several strongholds in the Northern state of Salahuddin including Tikrit. This is the biggest offensive the Iraqi army has attempted since ISIS took massive area’s of