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Bomb Attack Suspect Detained In Germany

Bomb Attack Suspect Detained In Germany

by Ciara Mannion Police were prompted to evacuate 80 residents after several explosives were found in a Chemnitz apartment. The German police are saying that they have detained a 22-year old Syrian male, who was the subject of a nationwide hunt, believed to have been preparing a bomb attack. The suspect Jaber Albakr, from the

IS branch leader captured by Libyan militia

image: wikimedia.org   by David Diskin   Libyan militia loyal to the Israeli-backed Tripoli government claims to have captured the leader of an ‘Islamic State’ branch in the western city of Sabratha, which was bombed by U.S forces last week.   The Special Deterrent Forces announced via Facebook that they had arrested Sabratha’s IS leader Mohammed

Donald Trump speaks about Paris attacks

by Dylan Goodman Rich man and presidential candidate Donald Trump has spoken regarding the attacks that devastated Paris. The Republican claimed that the situation would have been “much, much different” if the Parisians had been allowed to carry guns. “Nobody had guns but the bad guys”, he said at a recent rally in Texas, insinuating throughout

“Islam is a peaceful religion”

With the recent attacks on the Charlie Hebdo offices in France, Europe has been pulled off its feet. Anti-Muslim attacks are increasing throughout France and people are being scared into violence. The question that needs to be asked is, how far is too far? Something that a lot of the western world doesn’t know or