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Charlotte Riots over Police Shooting

Charlotte Riots over Police Shooting

By Joe Mwangi An assassination of a helpless black man occurred in North Carolina. Keith Lamont Scott was shot by a US police officer in Charlotte. The massacre provoked street protest late into the night. Roughly 12 police officers were badly wounded by demonstrators outside The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department. The witnesses countered police  reports which stated

Frankfort Riots at New ECB HQ

by Thomas Ward Close to the new Frankfort HQ for the European Central Bank, police cars were set alight and stones were thrown in protest. Dozens have reportedly been injured in the rioting, while approximately 350 people are said to have been arrested. Before the ECB building even officially opened, violence erupted near the Alte Oper

Belfast Riots Again

by Cliona Griffin Eight people were injured during rioting in Belfast last night.  It involved five police officers, two security workers at Belfast City Hall and a photographer. The ruckus broke out after a large number of city councillors voted to end the practice of flying the Union flag from Belfast City Hall every day of the