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Sweden To Re-Introduce Military Conscription

Sweden To Re-Introduce Military Conscription

Image Source by Brian Donnellon As of 2018, Sweden will re-introduce military conscript due to a lack of volunteers, to fill required roles and tension rising in the baltic region with heightened military activity. Sweden had disbanded compulsory service in 2010, but with increased security concerns it is felt that this is necessary to protect

Over 6,000 killed in Ukraine in total according to UN count

by Oisin O’Mahony The UN human rights office in Geneva said today that there has been over 6,000 people killed in Ukraine in less than a year. The UN warned that “deliberate targeting of civilian areas may constitute a war crime, and if widespread and systematic, crime against humanity”. Whats worse is that the fighting has

Danish man proves that Russia fired artillery into Ukraine.

by Oisin O’Mahony A Danish researcher has proved that artillery was fired into Ukraine from Russia. While researching environmental impacts on agriculture, Sean Case used his free time to study satellite imagery on the Russia-Ukraine Border. After finding hundreds of craters on google, Sean opened an open source project aimed at analysing the craters and determining

Ceasefire announced in Ukraine

by Oisin O’Mahony The leaders of Russia, Ukraine, Germany and France announced that a ceasefire would begin on 15 February. The deal involves the withdrawal of heavy weapons from the front line, releasing prisoners, resolving the border disagreement and aiding humanitarian issues. French President François Hollande had described as a “last chance” to halt the spiraling violence

Russian rebels surround Debaltseve

In Ukraine, Russian rebels have surrounded the town of Debaltseve, near Donetsk. Ukrainian soldiers are still said to be fighting the rebels along nearby supply roads. The town has been the centre of fighting for the past week, which isn’t surprising, given its strategic positioning as a railway junction. Thousands of Ukrainian troops are said

Russians hack webcams

by Thomas Ward Measures are being taken to remove a Russian website which, via webcam hacking, has been streaming images recorded from baby monitors, bedroom cameras and gym CCTV. Homes and businesses across the country have been affected, such as addresses in Manchester, Birmingham and Leicester. Footage this morning when checked, contained streaming images of cots

Formula One in Russia

by Ciara Flynn @CiaraFlynn10 For the first time in 100 years Formula One was in Russia this weekend. The track was purpose built around The Sochi Olympic Park which held the Winter Olympic Games in 2014. The tyres are a big feature in any F1 race but this weekend the tyres were no worry.There was

Ukraine agree formation of National Guard

by Paraic Malone With Crimea’s imminent referendum on whether or not to join Russia due to take place on Sunday, the Ukrainian parliament has voted unanimously to boost their country’s defense forces by assembling the National Guard. Ukraine, along with the EU and UN, have called for the Crimeans to call off the referendum, citing that